Living With Purpose

By Amy Martin, APRN, RhD

In a world of unrest, protest, disagreements and upset, there is great value in living with purpose. We can become purely reactive to the news, to the instability we might feel, or we can remember what is right and what is real, and then lean on those truths.  Grown ups don’t usually need directives regarding right and wrong, only a strong inner knowing that no matter what, your inner voice will confirm if something feels correct. No matter what you believe or what side you have leaned toward, when your moral compass sounds the alarm, you must listen.

It has been months since you have read my words and that is because I have found myself in great distress due to world events and know that there must be many who feel the same. I know that with all the varied beliefs among us, the discontent resonates no matter which opinions you listen to. We are for or against, we are supportive or appalled and the extreme reactions are everywhere. This is the reason that I have once again found my voice; it truly is time for healing.

Living with purpose means that we no longer just go along with the flow, but make conscious decisions regarding our lives. Do we do only that which is required and slide through the rest of our waking hours, or do we make a choice to stand our tallest, be our best and act as generously as possible to those around us? People with purposeful lives can be in the midst of raising families or live alone, be young, old or in between, but there is one commonality between them; they are committed to something.

It could be a commitment to a cause, a belief, an ethical standard, like saying yes to helping others, learning a new skill or finishing your education; having a self determined duty, obligates you to a higher standard, grants you a brighter light in your life, a reason to get up tomorrow and hope for your future and that of the world. Committing to something strengthens your resolve to stay on course, keeps you connected to the vision and propels you forward. We all need help at times, and now is the very best time to make a commitment that will better your life in the deepest way possible.

If you feel like you’re drifting, discouraged, disheartened, make a decision to live with purpose and that will change everything. Resolve to a new attitude, to reach deeply within your self and find the strength to do your best in all parts of your life, to change what needs changing and strengthen what is weak.  Living with a strong sense of purpose is what will bring the greatest happiness and satisfaction you will ever have. The time is now, when the world is awry, for us to stand steady and firm, committed and purposeful. This is how we change the world, from the inside out.

Amy Martin