Creating Your Safety Net

By Amy Martin, APRN, RhD

As we move through this summer season, watching children play at the beach, taking time to enjoy the sunshine, we may have time to consider our lives and ways of creating security for our families and ourselves. We think about financial and social safety nets, (as well as the ones under acrobats on a high wire,) but what about our own personal safety net when we encounter difficult situations?  Whether you consider your self spiritually minded or a skeptic, religious or not, the fact remains that personal struggles are always made easier when there is a deeper resource to utilize inside your self, rather than using your every day mind.

What does it take to find that higher, deeper place within? It could be through meditation, contemplation, consideration of spiritual thoughts or simply being outside with nature; but whatever route you take, in order to stay strong, clear and resilient, this place within you must be discovered. The next step is to nurture that part of you and then build, improve and refine that relationship.

At a recent conference, I heard a talk describing the four points of a simple and powerful personal safety net:

These four points are:

  1. Knowing

  2. Remembering

  3. Refining Your Discernment

  4. Living What You Know

Knowing: What does your ‘higher mind’ know to be true? How clear can you become in writing out these truths for your self? This is not about negatives, but only about the wisdom and understandings that will help you through daily life and trials.

Remembering: How often do you forget what you know? Especially when stressed, we tend to default to our old ways of self-defense, criticism and judgment. Finding a way to remember the truths we know will make life much easier.

Refining Discernment: Becoming discerning is about trusting your intuition and not doubting those gut feelings. Continuing to practice valuable skill will allow you to rely on it.

Living what you know: If I know that I have everything within me that I need to get through a situation, but I collapse and fall apart instead, I am not living what I know. As we become more confident in knowing and remembering and trusting ourselves, living life will be calmer, easier and we can be more successful.

This safety net can be likened to the foundation of a building. Its cornerstone, which is the first stone set in the construction, is important as all other stones will be set in reference to this stone, determining the position of the entire structure.  Metaphorically, this is an important building block upon which your life is based.

If you check in with your self, do you feel like there’s room for growth and a little change? Would you want to become more patient, loving, self-reliant, or more courageous and willing to take risks? Creating this cornerstone of personal strength and confidence, constructs a safety net that is yours alone, one that can become stronger as time goes on. Start by acknowledging what you know and go from there. Feel the power that comes from the certainty and the security of a firm foundation.

Amy Martin