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RoHun Therapy: Therapy in Fast Forward

RoHun Therapy is a dynamic, alternative, spiritually based psychotherapeutic tool for anyone honestly ready to transform his or her life. This is a fast-track alternative to years of traditional psychotherapy. RoHun uncovers and bring to light those unconscious decisions that have limited one’s life. It works by revealing the pattern of faulty thinking that has become habitual in one’s consciousness and gives the choice to continue on this self-destructive path, or let go so a new direction can be forged.

RoHun is a gentle, facilitated process, which allows one’s desire for change to actually happen. Given the opportunity to see the direct results of emotional reactions, gives a clear message to the mind that change is needed. Replacing harmful negative thoughts, with clear, supportive positive thinking, creates new thought-pathways in the brain. Because this therapy is accomplished while in a deep state of relaxation, and the therapist assists by loosening up the stories within the energy field, a feeling of lightness is often the result of even one session.