Amy Martin, APRN, RhD

Amy Martin, APRN is a Doctor of RoHun Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Certified Hypnotherapist and a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner with over three decades of clinical experience.

She has practiced RoHun Therapy since 2004 and has seen miraculous transformation in her many clients. Because RoHun is a holistic therapy, the changes are physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.  The joy comes in helping people open their eyes to themselves, see what they have been hiding, watch them gain self-understanding, then help them release, forgive and finally become free. Her growing Hypnotherapy practice helps individuals to not only stop smoking and lose weight, but to feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Over the course of her years in Medicine and Healing she has worked in Psychiatry, Gerontology, ObGyn and Adolescent Health Care. Amy provided Health Care on the Navajo and Makah Indian Reservations, practiced in Community Health Centers as well as working Health Care for the Homeless through a Robert Wood Johnson Grant. She has been a Clinical Preceptor through Duke University, University of Minnesota and currently with Yale University Nurse Practitioner Program.

Music is also a big part of Amy’s life; a multi-instrumentalist, she plays and writes music for harp, piano, flute and guitar, creating songs for awakening of the spirit and soothing of the soul. She has performed in many venues, taught music, directed choral groups and created songs for groups to sing together; she has found music to be an integral part of the healing process.

Amy also writes a syndicated column, “Time For Healing,” for the newspapers of Southeastern Connecticut and Rhode Island. She has written and published a book about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, called Time For Healing: Reclaiming Life After Trauma, and describes an alternative approach to treatment.